Stop Chime from interrupting Entry / Exit sounds on Texecom Premier Elite panels.

If you own a Texecom system, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about, especially if said system has the Chime feature enabled. Chime is incredibly useful as it can alert people in the house that someone has opened the door, even if the system is unset. The sound usually resembles a “ding-dong” like a doorbell. It’s useful for shock sensors, but its main use is typically on doors and one of the most common use cases for it is parents with young children wanting to be alerted if their child opens the front door, as some front doors can lead to busy streets. The problem with Chime on the Texecom systems is it takes priority over the sounds that are made when entering and leaving the building, which can be confusing especially when entering the building, as if you have the Chime set to sound more than once, you may be under the impression that your system has unset itself, as it will take a while before the Entry tone starts in its default configuration. This guide explains how to stop the Chime from happening when entering the building when the system is armed, so you just get the countdown beeps and how to turn it off during the Exit period, so that you get the continuous tone (door closed), alternating tone (door open) and then the continuous tone low and high pitch in the final stages of setting, without the interruption from Chime.

I will show you how to do this via the Wintex UDL software as only engineers will be able to configure this.


  • You will need to have access to the engineer code.
  • A UDL passcode must be set on the panel to connect from the Wintex software. (You can skip this and simply use the engineer code as the UDL passcode if you are using the USB-COM, but NOT if you are using a SmartCom to connect.)
  • If you are connecting by SmartCom, you’ll need to know the UDL passcode programmed to connect via Wintex.

Step 1 – Open the Wintex account

Launch Wintex, and press “Open” at the top of the screen. Select the account you wish to open and click on the “Open” button in the dialog box.

Step 2 – Connect to the panel

After opening the account, click the “Connect” button at the top of the screen and choose your preferred connection method. In my case, I am using the SmartCom, but you choose whichever device you are connecting to the panel with.

Step 3 – Configuring area options

Click on “Areas” on the left panel, then click on “Options” at the top of the window that appears. Then scroll down to Option “27: Auto Chime (Custom Output 2A)” and click on it. Next, click on the areas that you wish the new Chime settings to occur on. In my case, the house which is where Chime is enabled, is all on Area A, so I only chose that. You can choose the areas on the tick boxes that appear to the right of the options list.

Step 4 – Configuring outputs.

To accomplish this, the system uses Custom Output 2A to invert the Auto Chime option. (Basically, instead of automatically turning chime on, it automatically turns it off.

Click on “Outputs” and then expand “Custom Output 2”, and click on “2: Never Active”. The reason you are clicking on Custom Output 2 is because in the Area Options, Auto Chime enables Output 2 and A comes from the logic diagram you can see at the bottom. The first stage of the Output (displayed in this screenshot as “1: Never Active”) is not linked to “A”, whereas 2, 3 and 4 are, so we will be using 2 and 3.

Once you have clicked on “2: Never Active”, go to the right hand side of the screen and select the “Area” radio button. Then, select the areas that you want this to apply to, these will be the same area(s) that you setup in the Area Programming stage of this guide. Next, make sure the Inverted attribute is checked (important) and then select “21 Armed” from the right-most menu on this screen. The Chime will no longer sound before an entry countdown.

Select “3: Never Active”.

Once you have selected “3: Never Active”, select “Area” on the right hand side, just like before, select the same areas and make sure you check the “Inverted” attribute. The only thing you change is on the right-most panel and that is the mode. Set this to “19 Exit”

Press the “Send Update” button on the left to send this configuration to the panel. Then, save the account, hang up from the panel and close Wintex. The Chime tone will no longer interrupt the Entry and Exit tones so you can have full clarity of what state the system is in when entering or leaving the building.

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